Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back Fast: How to Make Her Run After You

ex girlfriendWhen you get into a love relationship with a woman, you’re risking a heart break. Unfortunately, that’s a truth that many of us wouldn’t want to associate themselves with at the beginning of a love relationship. Men always think it will go smooth, even hoping that they’ll eventually get married to the girl they love. That’s the ultimate wish for every man who gets into a relationship with a woman because they love them to death.

However, when a girl decides to leave you because they can’t feel you anymore, or because they think it’s time to date another man, that’s when reality strikes, and it breaks you completely. That’s when the temptation of begging them to come back sets in.

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Well, perhaps you’re reading this because you’re currently experiencing this situation, and you really want the woman who has left you back. You are desperately seeking to win their heart back, so they can give you a second chance. But second chances do exist in breakups, only if you know the tactics of handling the situation. So, do you really want her back because your life is at a standstill and you can’t do without her?

How to Win Her Back

It’s important that you play your cards wisely so that you don’t lose her. The first step is always to try and identify the reason why she left in the first place. Were there any signs? How did she talk before the breakup? Did she give reasons why she didn’t want you anymore?

Rule number 2 is to avoid acting desperate because it puts people off. It will also encourage them to torment you more. So, make sure you don’t communicate with her for at least 2 weeks. If you think you’ll be tempted to call before 2 weeks are over, delete her number from your phone. (obviously write it down first)

After a couple of weeks, get in touch with them via a casual Facebook message or text. Keep it friendly, and you can decide to spice your message with humor. Just remember – no kisses or desperate talk!

If you happen to meet her for coffee, don’t show that you’re desperate for her. Assume you’re meeting a friend so that she doesn’t think you’re still sexually attracted to her.

If she gives you a second chance to meet her again, it’s not always a guarantee that she has accepted you back. So make sure your conversation is light and friendly, plus it should have nothing to do with the breakup. Make it look like you’re happy and moving on with your life.

The most important thing here is that you’re laying grounds using the casual meetups. Therefore, your last attempt to meet her should be on a night out. When she finally joins you, make sure both of you are drunk – and you can be more sexual. At this point, strike the iron while it’s hot. Ask her about the question of getting back together again.

How to Win Back your Ex Gf When She’s Seeing Someone Else

This is the worst part. Maybe she left you because she was seeing another man. You should be able to discover this through friends or on Facebook, when she keeps posting her new boyfriend’s pictures.

My friend, it’s time to go on beast mode when you see this happening. Here’s the plan:

1. Be a Better You

It will take up to 3 months for this transformation to be visible. It’s time to get some new thread, to hit the gym and get the kind of body that women drool over. Try and be positive about the breakup. You can set a schedule and stick to it.

2. Spruce Up your Facebook Profile

This is your only point of connection between buddies and acquaintances. You need to appear like a confident, independent and happy man who is outgoing and loves their current lifestyle. This means that you need to upload photos of you with beautiful girls partying beside you. Upload photos of you traveling or doing things you never did when you were with her. It should spark that jealously in her.

3. Get Back In Touch

If she happens to send you a Facebook message, maybe greetings or something else, reply positively because this is your chance to woo her again.

What if  She Doesn’t Want You At All

This is tricky, especially when she shows signs that she is not interested in you anymore. But don’t give up, you can still try and win her. You need to think why she left you so that you can build a solid action plan. Did you waste her years without proposing? Did you cheat on her?

Write to her on email, Facebook or whatever means you can use to reach her. Here’s a clue to what you should be including in your letters or texts:

(a) Text messages to get her back

They should include memories of you visiting places, situations that happened to both of you, and so forth. But keep it casual so that you don’t appear too desperate.

(b) Songs that Will Get Them Back

Sad love songs can work out the trick in some cases. Dedicate songs she used to love when you were still together. Use songs that evoke strong emotional response. Maybe you can share a Youtube link to that song on Facebook from time to time, and also tell her that such songs make you remember her.

(c) Gifts You Can Get Her

The only gift that works in relationships that didn’t end well is Silence! Give her the gift of silence, and it will be more emotionally-draining than you think. Don’t waste time buying her a tangible gift. She might reject it, or she might not appreciate it. Don’t waste your time chasing her with gifts every time she has a birthday or special occasion. It translates to desperation when you make an effort on your side to give gifts while she doesn’t reciprocate, and she might even decide to leave forever because you seem desperate – you can’t move on.


At least try the above things. If it doesn’t work, then you should know that she will not come back whatever the kind of effort you make. But at least it should get her in the mood of thinking about you, or perhaps, getting back to you.